Oct 16

Friday Focus: Pre-listing repairs


Before listing your home, consider these repairs that will pay dividends at the settlement table: When preparing your home for the market, sellers often ask “should I make any repairs, and if so, which ones?” It can be overwhelming to know where to start and where to stop when making repairs pre-listing. No one wants to shell out a huge chunk of money to get their home looking pristine and you don’t have to. Here are the top five improvements to make that will give you the most bang for your buck: 1. Scratched hardwoods, fraying carpet, broken tile: Have the carpet replaced or the hardwoods refinished before listing. Another option is to have a pre-finished hardwood or laminate wood flooring installed to give the space a fresh new look and have buyers cooing “ooh, ahh” as they walk in rather than “yikes!” 2. Got water stains? If you have had previous plumbing issues that have been repaired but have left unsightly water stains on the ceiling, have the ceilings repaired and painted. Buyers do not want to see potential plumbing issues when looking for their first or next home. 3. Fix torn screens: Fixing tears or holes in window screens is a quick and inexpensive repair that will give the home much greater curb appeal as potential buyers are making their first impression of the house. 4. Freshen up the kitchen: A full kitchen renovation isn’t necessary to make it look updated and inviting. Consider painting wood cabinets, replacing hardware, installing countertops, or purchasing new appliances. A small kitchen facelift will go a long way. 5. Pets run amuck? If you have four-legged family members who have enjoyed scratching walls or chewing on trim, take the time to buff out the scuffs of our furry friends.

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  • Friday Focus To stage or not the stage…that is the question When selling a home, the first introduction potential buyers have are the pictures they see on their favorite real estate app or website. Therefore, sellers need to make a good first impression. While having a cluttered home can deter people from calling their agent to set up a showing, so can having an empty home. When buyers tour your home, there are two feelings you want them to not have 1. “oh my gosh there is so much stuff, I can’t see myself living here” and 2. “there’s so much empty space, I have no idea how I would arrange my furniture.” This is where a home stager comes in. Not only can they take your empty space and turn it into a warm and inviting home that buyers will want to write a contract on same day, they can also take a home that is already furnished, rearrange furniture and décor, designate items to be placed in storage, and add accents or additional pieces of furniture if needed to make the space more inviting. Want more information about home staging? I will be more than happy to make a recommendation of a stager based on your needs. Contact me directly at 443-386-3006 or csaunders@ttrsir.com
  • There are two types of open houses you can do when you list your house for sale: a public open and a broker open. A public open house is what you see most often on TV and that's where the general public can tour properties that are up for sale. The listing agent will set certain days and times that the house will be open, an agent with that listing brokerage will be there supervising, and the public can walk through the house. A broker open house is an open house strictly for the agent community. Whenever you hear about these broker opens, it's an attempt for the listing agent to get opinions from other agents on price, presentation, and if they have buyers. The general public won't see or be invited to these open houses. They are two different ways to go about getting traffic through a home. Historically, the public open houses do not sell the houses. Public open houses are mainly used as a way for the listing broker to interact with people that are serious or semi-serious about buying houses and less about selling that particular house. Lately though in 2018, many agents have reported a surge in activity of their opens with several agents successfully selling their listings to buyers from open houses. Go figure. The challenge with public open houses to a larger degree than the broker open houses is, we don't know as the listing agent who is coming through the house. There is no way currently to vet each prospect that walks through the door. It can also be a safety concern for agents depending on the size and location of the house. You're alone in a house for a few hours in a remote location? Not ideal. For that reason, our team only does open houses at the owners request and we set expectations that the owners lock away valuables. Depending on the size of the house we would work as multiple agents (2-3) to cover more ground. Ultimately you will get foot traffic through your home holding an open house. We would dub them ineffective as a whole in actually selling the house.
  • Everyone has a different opinion on what the word "luxury" represents in real estate. Agents are no different. What our group considers to be a "luxury" listing has to do with the level of quality per square foot, and the functionality of the property, NOT anything to do with price. For example, you can have a 600 square feet studio made of marble, travertine, concrete, Viking appliances, with vaulted ceilings, a stunning view - that's a very very expensive list of materials, of detail, and the setting lives up to the "luxurious" expectations. On the flip side, what we see a lot of in our market are larger homes on the water or on acreage that are over 5,000 sf, finishes that are 20 years old and some deferred maintenance throughout the home. While this might have been luxury at the time it was built, it no longer qualifies as luxury in our book. With the right renovations, it can be there again in that category.

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