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Our Collections

Are you ready to discover your next dream home? Let's work together to find the perfect match for your unique lifestyle.


With years of experience in the real estate industry, we can help you navigate the buying process with ease. Don't hesitate to contact our team to schedule a viewing of your next potential home!

No matter what price point, we feel every client deserves the same relentless attitude, professional approach, empathy and gratitude.

We are a team with a purpose.

Our mission is to help everyone find their place in the world.

Shane Hall

We are The Shane Hall Group - a small real estate group that focuses on selling, marketing and consulting on homes in the Maryland and District of Columbia marketplaces. Compass is the #1 independent brokerage in the country and has the #1 market share for the Washington Metropolitan Region.


Through our marketing team and technology advancements, we produce extraordinary results for our clients by leveraging cutting edge digital strategies and unrivaled access to the most affluent and discerning global clientele.


Our Team

Shane Hall

Shane Hall

Senior Vice President

Christine Saunders

Christine Saunders

Senior Sales Associate

Katherine Adams

Katherine Adams

Senior Sales Associate

Corinna Dahlin

Corinna Dahlin

Sales Associate


Clients Say

"Highly Recommend Shane. He knows the Annapolis & DMV area so well. Extremely knowledgeable. Shane made the process of buying super easy and stress free. Shane is a no bs guy and has your best interest in mind. He is easy to reach and very responsive. Love that he acts fast when we wanted to make an offer ASAP. We are very happy with the house that Shane found for us and very happy with the offer we made on it. Shane knows how to get deals done. Will definitely use Shane for our next house."

- Brendan W. (Buyer) 


Our Difference


Precision Marketing

We know what the buyer market wants to see, how to present it to them, and price it to give us the best chance at a crazy bidding war.


Access to Affluent Clientele

We have more market share as a company in the DMV than any other firm out there. The biggest buyer pool in OUR market right now is coming from the District. Whether your buyer is looking for a weekend place or they are making a lifestyle shift, we can find them. 


Relentless Approach

We don't measure our business the way most agents do. We don't care about a bottom line. We care about results. We truly believe in a great experience and will do anything to provide that for you. We handle everything the way that we would want our families taken care of. 

Christine Saunders - Senior Sales Associate a Compass Real Estate Podcast Coming



Get Inspired

We pod, we post, we reflect and occasionally we boast.

Follow our journey in business, in daily life, and feel free to send us topics to discuss. 

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